Flir­ting Body Lan­guage and Signals


Flir­ting body lan­guage and signals are often con­sider­a­b­ly more subt­le than we think. A simp­le touch, such as com­bing real or ima­gi­na­ry tiny par­tic­les of dust off your jacket or per­haps gra­zing your arm when tal­king can easi­ly send the con­cept that you’­re attrac­ted to someone. Human body move­ments, face expres­si­ons as well as the tone of voice can also be alerts that flir­ting is taking place.

One of the most com­mon indi­ca­ti­ons of flir­ting is actual­ly a croo­ked smi­le. This sort of smi­le makes the per­son look warm, assu­red and non-threa­tening — advi­sa­ble traits for your poten­ti­al spe­cial someone. Other signs of flir­ting include reflec­ting the other person’s move­ments, mild tou­ch­ing or playful bul­ly­ing and hove­ring in clo­ser during dis­cus­sion.

You need to remem­ber that peo­p­le will vary and not ever­y­bo­dy will dis­play the­se types of signals just as. It’s the­r­e­fo­re an under­stan­ding to search for a group of flir­ting clues that occur tog­e­ther befo­re making the move.

Women will often be bet­ter at exami­ning body lan­guage, espe­ci­al­ly when it is about to flir­ting. This might be becau­se MRI scans demons­tra­te that when fema­les eva­lua­te the con­duct of others they use 13 to fourth there’s 16 acti­ve human brain are­as, while men only have 4 to 6 dyna­mic.

One other fac­tor that will mix up men when ever eva­lua­ting ges­tu­res is the using of distance. When a woman uses space and body ran­king to sign inte­rest, nor­mal­ly, this is done to avo­id sen­ding mixed email. For exam­p­le , when­ever she leans in during con­ver­sa­ti­on, it is likely that your lover wants you to come clo­ser, but sin­ce she inten­tio­nal­ly steps back again, this is a sign she is aiming to give hers­elf time to eva­lua­te your sui­ta­bi­li­ty like a part­ner.

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