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Imple­men­ting Test Pro­cess Impro­ve­ment

Your finan­cial situa­ti­on is uni­que and the pro­ducts and ser­vices we review may not be right for your cir­cum­s­tances. We do not offer finan­cial advice, advi­so­ry or bro­kera­ge ser­vices, nor do we recom­mend or advi­se indi­vi­du­als or to buy or sell par­ti­cu­lar stocks or secu­ri­ties. Per­for­mance infor­ma­ti­on may have chan­ged sin­ce the time of publi­ca­ti­on. […]

A Clo­ser Look at Indi­as Out­sour­cing Indus­try

The­se big cor­po­ra­ti­ons usual­ly have more than 200 seats for their com­pa­ny. It will be dif­fi­cult for Indi­an BPO com­pa­nies if they pull out their invest­ments. The tele­mar­ke­ting busi­nesses enti­re­ly stop­ped becau­se of the clo­sure of all trades. Howe­ver, main­ten­an­ce of office spaces is still essen­ti­al, or the­re will be con­se­quen­ces once the busi­nesses reopen. […]