Gre­at Wives is Hard to Find


A char­ming sequel to Minor Women, Gre­at Wives takes the Mar girls three years in. Meg is appro­xi­m­ate­ly to get mar­ried, Jo is usual­ly loo­king to launch a lite­ra­ry care­er and rein in her head­strong design, Beth has suf­fe­r­ed ter­ri­bly coming from scar­let fever, and Amy is gro­wing up and matu­ring rapidly. The girls still have much to under­stand, but this time their par­ti­cu­lar lives are more dan­ge­rous. Loui­sa Could Alcott is very Vic­to­ri­an in her tea­chings, latam date legit empha­sis­ing the need for girls to beco­me obe­dient, do it yours­elf gover­ning and faithful to God. For a few modern view­ers this can be a bit too pre­achy.

Artic­le also available in print form. Check out “Rela­ted artic­les”.

This book was at first published in two volu­mes. The other volu­me was some­ti­mes titled Small Women Wed­ded (Sampson Low) or Good Girl­fri­ends or wives (Nis­bet). The two volu­mes have beco­me com­bi­ned and writ­ten and published as one book.

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