Tra­di­tio­nal Asi­an Court­ship Prac­ti­ces


Alt­hough modern day dating has chan­ged much of the good old Ori­en­tal tra­di­ti­ons, a lar­ge num­ber of still remain. They help peo­p­le to com­pre­hend their very own cul­tu­re, plus the fact that a mar­ria­ge is not only a uni­on bet­ween two indi­vi­du­als, but also a this of fami­ly unit, fri­ends and com­mu­ni­ties.

In his­to­ri­cal times, a man would sug­gest to a daugh­ter through his father and mother or a match­ma­ker. He would the­r­e­fo­re take her and her fami­ly to a meal, and pro­vi­de them with gifts. They were a sign of his fis­cal stan­ding and a way to be gra­teful for her fami­ly meant for rai­sing her. This was also a way for him to show his inte­rest in her.

If the time are inte­res­ted in her to mar­ry, the groom fan­ta­stic fami­ly would defi­ni­te­ly for­mal­ly meet with the girl’s fami­ly to be able to nego­tia­te the betro­thal gift items. The bride’s par­ents might recei­ve the tre­at packa­ge which con­tai­ned sil­ver and gold objects, in addi­ti­on to a set of chop­sticks and a cou­ple of wine goblets. The groom gre­at par­ty would pro­ba­b­ly then con­su­me din­ner with the bride’s fami­ly, and she’d ser­ve him sweet lon­gan tea and two har­den­ed eggs in syrup.

After the wed­ding par­ty, it had been a tra­di­ti­on meant for the hus­band to escort his wife retur­ning to her par­ents’ house, brin­ging them a huoshao (flat cake) and jia­o­zi, a wish for an infant boy down the page year. This is a way to com­mu­ni­ca­te gra­ti­tu­de and respect for her par­ents, as well as to make cer­tain that his fresh spou­se is nor­mal­ly trea­ted well by her in-laws.

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