Best Law Firm Accoun­ting Soft­ware for 2023 Fea­tures + Pri­cing


best bookkeeping help for small law firm

That’s why we’ve put tog­e­ther ever­y­thing you need to know about law firm accoun­ting and book­kee­ping. Making the jump from an att­or­ney to run­ning a law firm can bring a ton of new inti­mi­da­ting chal­lenges. Legal accoun­ting and att­or­ney book­kee­ping are sure­ly one of the lar­gest you face. That’s why we recom­mend you should hire a pro­fes­sio­nal legal account.

best bookkeeping help for small law firm

Learn how to address your team’s needs and sel­ect the best finan­cial soft­ware for your mid-size law firm. Using legal bil­ling soft­ware helps to eli­mi­na­te some or all poten­ti­al human errors by auto­ma­ting seve­ral pro­ces­ses that are nor­mal­ly done manu­al­ly. Auto­ma­ted bil­ling and other pro­ces­ses also help impro­ve pro­ject and cli­ent manage­ment. Your bil­ling pro­cess is also more stream­li­ned and bills are pro­ces­sed and sent out in a time­ly man­ner.

Access from any­whe­re

Lea­ding legal accoun­ting soft­ware include con­ve­ni­ent time track­ing fea­tures to keep track of your firm’s workload and pro­gress. It also ensu­res that billable hours are log­ged cor­rect­ly against the client’s retai­ner for sim­pli­fied invoi­cing. Zoho Books comes with all the fea­tures small law firms need from an accoun­ting soft­ware, like crea­ting recur­ring invoices, expen­se track­ing, online pay­ments, advan­ced report­ing, time­s­heet, and more.

  • The free ver­si­on is free fore­ver and has ple­nty of invoi­cing and accoun­ting func­tions.
  • Opti­mi­zing a law firm’s finan­ces can mean a lot of dif­fe­rent things to dif­fe­rent peo­p­le.
  • Important­ly, you can deter­mi­ne your practice’s pro­gress at any time when you have accu­ra­te finan­cial state­ments.
  • You can deter­mi­ne if you are up to date on best prac­ti­ces by asking your accoun­ting pro­fes­sio­nals simp­le ques­ti­ons regar­ding tax obli­ga­ti­ons, busi­ness insu­rance, pay­roll, and more.
  • Dif­fe­rent legal accoun­ting soft­ware opti­ons have dif­fe­rent fea­tures, but that doesn’t mean that you neces­s­a­ri­ly need every sin­gle fea­ture available.

Learn more about what billable hours are, how to track them, and what kinds of time you can and can’t char­ge. Law firms can use dou­ble-ent­ry book­kee­ping as a way to bet­ter moni­tor the finan­cial health of a com­pa­ny. Big­law Inves­tor is hel­ping thou­sands of lawy­ers mana­ge and eli­mi­na­te stu­dent loans and make gre­at invest­ment decis­i­ons. We’re on a mis­si­on to help every lawy­er achie­ve finan­cial inde­pen­dence. Hiring mys­elf as a book­kee­per would be an expen­si­ve was­te of resour­ces.

Super­char­ge Inta­ke with Set­mo­re, LEX Recep­ti­on, and Law­Pay

The hope is that, by kno­wing whe­re your money is coming and going, you can spend more wise­ly and capi­ta­li­ze on valuable oppor­tu­ni­ties. Your firm needs to keep track of your invoices so you know what money is owed (and who you owe money to) law firm book­kee­ping to avo­id this pro­blem. That is, you spend money to hand­le a cli­ent case, doing things like hiring experts. Not all inco­me is reve­nue — this is a distinc­tion that needs to be made or you could have to deal with inac­cu­ra­te book­kee­ping.

best bookkeeping help for small law firm

Many best-in-class law firm accoun­ting soft­ware come with addi­tio­nal func­tions to hand­le case and cli­ent manage­ment. This can help stream­li­ne a wide varie­ty of tasks from inta­ke, docu­men­ta­ti­on, data ent­ry, coll­ec­tions, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, and more. Accoun­ting for law firms has uni­que requi­re­ments for trust accoun­ting, bil­ling, and more. While gene­ral accoun­ting soft­ware may work, choo­sing accoun­ting soft­ware that’s desi­gned for law firms will be vast­ly more useful. Look for legal-spe­ci­fic accoun­ting tools or soft­ware that inte­gra­tes with legal prac­ti­ce manage­ment soft­ware to crea­te a solu­ti­on that works for your law firm.

Ader­ant Review – by Uptime Legal

Clio is a cloud-based legal account soft­ware solu­ti­on geared towards small to lar­ge law firms. The soft­ware makes lawy­ers more pro­duc­ti­ve with fea­tures like time and expen­se track­ing, online pay­ments, bil­ling, accoun­ting, inte­gra­ti­ons, and calen­da­ring. Lean­Law is one of the more popu­lar names in the legal accoun­ting indus­try. The­re are many things that make Lean­Law the best law firm bil­ling soft­ware, inclu­ding fea­tures like time track­ing by mat­ter, expen­se track­ing, bulk invoices, and trust accoun­ting. Rocket Mat­ter lets you set up auto­ma­ted bil­ling, so invoices will be sent out on a cho­sen sche­du­le based on your billable hours and expen­ses.

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